Heaven in a cup made of cheese

January 27, 2019

In a tribute to Anthony Bourdain, because I was thinking about him today. 👨‍🍳 ♥️ 

Moments like this are few and far between. I can hear, smell and taste everything that’s happening in this picture. 🥰

This is Cacio e pepe - one of Rome’s most famous dishes. If you ever watched ‘No reservations’ with Anothony Bourdain, this was the ‘restaurant X’ he spoke about it in the Roma episode. 

It was a cloudy but warm day in May. We meandered down small alley ways and made our way into the square where this quaint unsuspecting restaurant hid away from all the glory of the big city of Rome. We ordered the house white (because all house wine is delicious in Italy 😋 🍷), fresh grilled veggies to start. Then this glorious dish came out. It’s literally, pasta with ALL the cheese......and some pepper. Best part though, and I know you’re eyeing it up, is that Parmesan cheese cup! Yes!! An entire cup made of cheese 🧀 #foodheaven 

I took mental snap after mental snap shot of this afternoon. Not just the meal, but the person who recommended we eat here (one of my personal heroes), the person I got to enjoy the meal with, the entire trip, the country, the EVERYTHING about this moment is what life is made up of. Tiny things that stick to your brain forever. Not just a dish of pasta and cheese but a moment in my life that made me smile from the inside. 😀 🇮🇹 

Ok, the cheese and pasta is pretty darn amazing too! 🍝😉

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