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Frescobaldi Supports Women in Wine

Opening a bottle of Nipozzano Chianti tonight takes me back to Tuscany in a heart beat.

The Frescobaldi family has been making wine since the year 1300! Isn’t that amazing!?

Their wines date back to Kings and Queens and even past clients such as artist, Donatello.

Frescobaldi is rooted in the culture and history of Tuscany and Italy. And what’s really great!? For an organization so deeply rooted in the past, they truly embrace the times and are extremely supportive of women in wine.

Eleonora Marconi is Nipozzano’s head winemaker! It’s wonderful to see women fully representing in such an amazing industry!

All the more reason to drink more Frescobaldi wines 👏🏻 am I right!?


Ashley Tyla


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